Tornadoes are by far, one of the most destructive forces of nature we experience in our part of the world. Tornadoes are made of high winds and debris that can rotate at speeds of 400+ Miles Per Hour. The science and technology involved in predicting tornadoes is improving, but they still can and do occur with little to no warning.

The base of the tornado is relatively small in comparison to the rest of it, a fact that adds to its destructive power. This base can range anywhere from a few hundred yards to over a mile wide. Although tornadoes can occur all over the United States, they are more common in the portions of the south and midwest known as Tornado Alley.

When a tornado occurs, you only have a short period of time to seek shelter. Advanced planning and quick response are two very important keys to help survive a tornado. The information below will show you what to do to prepare for a tornado so you and your family can be prepared and have the best possible chance of surviving.